Disease Prevention & Treatment Month

December is Disease Prevention and Treatment Month on our Rotary Calendar and did you know over 400 million people in the world can’t afford or don’t have access to basic health care? They suffer misery and pain, in poverty. That’s why Rotary members are engaged in hundreds of health projects around the world at any given time because health is everything and good health care is everyone’s right.
Rotarians set up temporary clinics, blood donation centers, and training facilities in underserved communities struggling with outbreaks and health care access. We develop systems that allow doctors, patients, and governments to work together. We educate and equip communities to stop the spread of life-threatening diseases. Many of you and your clubs are involved with projects like this.
Eradication of polio, of course, has been our focus for the past 30 years, as world health organizations, foundations and governments have joined us to eliminate the crippling disease now almost completely. Our funding and personal efforts have not only ended polio in 122 countries they have created a system for tackling other health priorities, such as Ebola.
We are also dedicated to a malaria-free world through treatment and prevention. We are fighting Alzheimer’s disease and dementia through education and collaboration. Telemedicine technology and training has been reaching several hospitals around the world to serve rural areas where no doctors are available including facilities in Nigeria, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zimbabwe. Through Rotary, Muslim and Christian women have been collaborating to prevent dengue fever. A strategy for reaching children on the move in Pakistan is being implemented. In Liberia, Rotary members are helping women get tested for HIV early in their pregnancies, reducing new HIV infections in children by 95 percent over two years. Many of these same systems can also be used in the remote areas of our own backyard.
Water and Sanitation is another key area of focus for Rotary, along with Disease Prevention and Treatment. In taking a systems approach in service where it is needed, Rotary has worked with partners to provide more than 80 percent of Ghana’s people with clean water to fight Guinea worm disease.
We, Rotarians in this part of the world, enjoy a relatively healthy lifestyle, free of many of the diseases which afflict some other parts of the world but there are opportunities here to also be people of action and do work within this area of focus. No matter where we are, our contributions in Disease Prevention and Treatment are making the world a better place.
Finishing our month of Foundation Awareness in November, we can see clearly a wonderful example in this month’s focus- Disease Prevention and Treatment, where our giving can make a difference.
Remember that December brings with it a close to the fiscal year and Foundation Donations made before December 31st will create those 2018 tax receipts.
And speaking of seeing how we make a difference Doug and I have again been witnessing the many, many amazing projects that the clubs we have visited are doing.
We started the month of November with the Gibsons Rotary Club visit. Yes! That meant no ferries! Even though this is literally a club in our own backyard we still learned new things about both the club and their projects. The meeting was in the lovely lounge space at the Gibsons Public Market. Getting prepped for their annual Rotary Auction was top of mind for the members. This would be the first year for total online bidding. But there was still plenty of other topics covered during the meeting, examples of each member’s passion for Rotary.
Other clubs visited were New Westminster Royal City which meant that we spent the night at the Quay to enable us to get up bright and early, proceed downstairs to the Boathouse restaurant and spend some quality time with the Club members. Including their exchange student, some Interact and Rotaract members. Having had a very successful Pot of Gold Golf Tournament this summer the club is now focused on their Heart of the Matter gala. These and other fundraisers are enabling this club to continue their amazing work and making a difference in their community and beyond.
November 13th and the fall has arrived as the rain comes down and the skies are dark very early. Does that dampen our moods or that of the Centennial Rotary Club? No, it certainly does not. We begin with an amazing meal provided by a soon to be member of the club. President Cindy led the meeting which included singing and a video of their fundraisers and projects! Well Done!! We then told our stories and shared our passion for Rotary. Ending the evening with the Induction two new members to the Club, Donna Lu and Leo Lin! Thank You for including Doug and I in the ceremony and Welcome to the Rotary Family!
Another rainy day but things were very warm and inviting at the Community Center with the Vancouver Sunrise Club November 14th. Lots of energy from the Rotary, Rotaract and Interact members in attendance. Another Club who walks the walk. Helping Youth is a big part of this club and we heard from Trevor Stokes who is a teacher at the Streetfront Alternative Program. Interactors Kasimir, Alison and Salma all shared some of their passion for the work they do. 
President Ron presented me with the Proclamation of the City of Vancouver for World Polio Day! What an honour indeed!! Thank you for all of your hard work to making that happen. Definitely a very Inspiring Morning.
November 15 and Assistant Governor Nancy and I are off to have breakfast with the Burnaby Deer Lake Rotary Club. Don't ever underestimate the power of a few to make real change. This is another club who is growing. With a new member in attendance and another in waiting. Both Nancy and I were presented with a pair of boots which will be given in our name during the Boots for Kids project. Thank You!
We end our day having a very Inspiring meeting with President Neil and the Yaletown Rotary Club at Fairleigh Dickinson University. This is another small but mighty club involved in local hands on and International Global Grant projects. They focus on their members and those of the Rotaract club being engaged in their projects. This showed both in their admiration for each other and their passion for what they do. Icing on the cake? Another new member induction, welcome Faye! We finished the evening with a short walk to a nearby restaurant to share a meal.
The following week saw us visiting Burnaby Metrotown, Richmond and Vancouver Mountainview Clubs. Each one with unique projects and full of inspired engaged members.
Burnaby Metrotown with their Rotary Coats for Kids helping locally and their new International project in the Philippines working with the Alexa Mira Society.
Richmond has a few events being planned including the Rotary Pops Concert in April. This club is also very active with the youth in their community including Interact and Earlyact Clubs.
Vancouver Mountainview just wrapped up their first large scale Foundation Gala which Doug and I attended on November 10th and it was awesome! This is one of the District’s newest Clubs and I have to say their meeting was Inspiring for both Doug and I. They are growing and they are making an impact on their local community with their 2 recent carnivals at Banfield Pavilion and George Pearson. But wait, there was more….
I was honored to induct 3 new members to the Rotary Family. Welcome Evelyn, Lana and Limbay. More People of Action!
There are more club visits to round out the month of November but I will have to tell you about them next month.
There are a couple more items of importance:
The Interact Conference was very well attended November 3rd and although District Committee Chair Rick watched from the sidelines, the Interact students put it together and they did an amazing job! Good work everyone and Thank You for Being the Inspiration for us! We feel very fortunate to have all of you as our future Rotarians. Both the organization and our world have a bright future.
Doug and I would like to congratulate Lorne Calder of the Prince George Rotary Club for his appointment as our District Governor for 2021-2022. We welcome both Lorne and Sue to the Governor Team and look forward to working with them both.
With the December Holiday Season coming up we would also like to wish you all a safe and happy time spent with family and friends. We will all have our own ways of celebrating the season and bringing the calendar year to a close.
Doug and I want to Thank each and everyone of you for being the amazing Rotarians that you are. You, and your clubs, truly are making a difference, bringing a little more Peace to our world with your actions. And your actions fill our hearts to overflowing- Thank You.  
Thank you all for Being the Inspiration!
Darcy and Doug
Rotaract Update
With 2018 coming to its end, the Rotaractors of District 5040 had and have a whole bunch of exciting events coming up that we would like to share with and invite you to. Let’s start with an event a bit further in the future, even though we know how time flies (especially when you’re on a schedule as busy as a Rotarian). Please mark your calendars: The Rotaract District 5040 Installation Dinner will take place on May 11. We would be delighted to have you join us for this special night! Further details will be announced shortly.

2019 District Conference

May 2 - 5, 2019
Sun Peaks, BC
We hope to see all Rotarians at our District Conference May 2nd to May 5th in Sub Peaks at the Sun Peaks Grand
District 5040 a global leader in Rotary Friendship Exchange
Of the 538 Districts worldwide in Rotary, our Rotary District 5040 is one of only nine which is not only among the 260 actively engaged in the Rotary Friendship Exchange program but has a full web presence to support it. 
District Governor 2021-2022 Lorne Calder
A Past President of the Rotary Club of Prince George, former Assistant Governor, former District 5040 Trainer and Rotarian of the Year (1997 and 2011), Lorne Calder, CMA, has been appointed Rotary District 5040 Governor for 2021-2022. Calder has been the Chief Finance & Risk Officer for Integris Credit Union in Prince George since 2014. Prior to that he served Integris predecessor, Prince George Savings, as Chief Financial Officer for 22 years.
A 25-year Rotary member with Prince George Rotary, he has served on many boards and committees for numerous other Prince George organizations, including Initiatives Prince George, the Prince George Film Commission, and the Prince George Hospice Society. In 1999-2000 he served as President of the Prince George Chamber of Commerce (1999/2000) and then on the board of the BC Chamber of Commerce. The District nominating committee has selected Lorne and his name will be reported to Rotary International on December 2, following the 14-day challenge period. November 18 - December 1, 2018. 
DGE Bala Naidoo inducted into Arch Klumph Society
Congratulations to District 5040 Governor-Elect Bala and Vasi Naidoo for their induction into The Rotary Foundation's Arch Klumph Society at Rotary Headquarters in Evanston, IL.  RI President Barry Rassin and Trustee Chair & Past RI President Ron Burton presented the prestigious recognition.
2019 Conference Activities Released 
2019 District Conference extra curricular activities released!
Fishing village's medical centre receives equipment from Rotary World Help
The newly renovated medical centre in the fishing village of Panglao, on the island of Panglao, Bohol, the Philippines, will receive used medical equipment such as hospital beds, side tables, medicine carts, wheelchairs, emergency beds and cribs for children in a shipping container organized and loaded on November 17, 2018 by Rotary members in Districts 5040 and 5050 in the Greater Vancouver area.
Also in the container, sponsored by Rotary World Help, which is supported by many Rotary clubs in this region, and, in this case, by the Rotary Club of Coquitlam Sunrise, are dental chairs, dental equipment and supplies, plus computers and books. The Rotary Club of Panglao is administering distribution of the equipment and supplies when the container arrives at its destination in the coming weeks.  -- photos by Drew Antrobus
2019 Rotary District Conference
May 2nd - 5th, 2019
Sun Peaks Grand, Sun Peaks BC
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