Posted by Peter Roaf on Nov 20, 2018
The newly renovated medical centre in the fishing village of Panglao, on the island of Panglao, Bohol, the Philippines, will receive used medical equipment such as hospital beds, side tables, medicine carts, wheelchairs, emergency beds and cribs for children in a shipping container organized and loaded on November 17, 2018 by Rotary members in Districts 5040 and 5050 in the Greater Vancouver area.
Also in the container, sponsored by Rotary World Help, which is supported by many Rotary clubs in this region, and, in this case, by the Rotary Club of Coquitlam Sunrise, are dental chairs, dental equipment and supplies, plus computers and books. The Rotary Club of Panglao is administering distribution of the equipment and supplies when the container arrives at its destination in the coming weeks.  -- photos by Drew Antrobus
The dental equipment and supplies in the container are being shipped in advance of a dental mission to Manila and Panglao to provide free dental care such as cleaning, filling, extractions and educate the local, young graduate dentists who will volunteer during the dental mission. A group of dentists from Vancouver Caring Hearts Dentistry Society and those who have signed up for the Rotary District 5040 Friendship Exchange are participating in the February 2019 dental mission to Panglao and Manila. The Friendship Exchange group will be distributing hygiene kits and providing food to the poor children in Panglao.
The container also contains some computers and books for a Rotary computer centre and library at a school in Panglao. Equipment and supplies for this shipment have come from BC hospitals, UBC and Douglas College.
Since it was founded in 1992, the Rotary World Help Network has collected medical equipment and supplies, dental, optical, education and sports equipment and disaster relief supplies, valued at more than $136 million, and distributed them in 390 shipping containers to international recipients in need in 60 countries to benefit an estimated 11.7 million people.