What is Rotary Friendship Exchange? 
Rotary Friendship Exchange lets Rotarians in one part of the world experience life in another country or culture. Through person-to-person connections across national boundaries international understanding and goodwill are advanced.
On a Rotary Friendship Exchange you are not just a tourist
Rotarians on a Friendship Exchange genuinely experience another culture, broaden their international understanding, foster goodwill, explore their professions in a different context, build long lasting friendships and establish a foundation for peace. All guided by friends in Rotary, Exchange participants take turns hosting and visiting one another, forging friendships that last a lifetime.
Exchange participation is open to individual Rotarian members and non-Rotarians, couples, families, or groups.  Prospective RFE partners communicate with one another in advance to decide on the format, timing, and duration of each visit.
All exchanges are funded by the participants, and hosts are not expected to assume a significant financial burden, Visitors pay their own way, but are rewarded with warm hospitality and an international travel experience unlike any other.
International relations
An exchange can also be the starting point for a long-term international relationship between two districts. Participants often use their new friendships as the basis for partnering on service projects that create lasting change.
As a part of a team you also have the opportunity for forge friendships within the district.
There are two types of Friendship Exchange:
·       Visitor Program for individual Rotarians, often accompanied by family members, spend a few days in a Rotarian’s home in another country;
·       Team Program for Rotarians, often couples, typically a group of 10 or 12, who visit several communities in the host district for up to four weeks. -- number of persons on a visiting team and length of stay are flexible by arrangement with the host districts.
Districts can also arrange “univocational” Visitor or Team Exchanges among host and guest Rotarians sharing the same occupation.
Both types of programs are coordinated by district Friendship Exchange committees and both are carried out at no expense to Rotary International.
Each Exchange is organized around one or more of the following themes:
  • Cultural: Experiences highlighting a region’s ethnicity, food, language, history, places and symbols of significance, and more.
  • Service: Opportunities for hands-on project involvement and support.
  • Vocational: Exploring specific professions or jobs in a different cultural context.
  • Districts are now encouraged to support Group Cultural Immersion in their Friendship Exchanges to include non-Rotarian young professionals, or those in traditional stages of their career, to foster awareness, international understanding, deeper connections, and a broader global mindset.
How to apply?
From this page you can download applications, criteria for applicants,  evaluations, responsibility, and two power point summaries in pdf format.
Interested on being on the RFE Committee?
Elena Agala
District 5040 Rotary Friendship Exchange Chair 2018-19