Posted by Prince George Downtown Rotary Club
Prince George Downtown Rotary Club had close to 300 people attended a community breakfast at Spruceland Elementary Traditional School April 19th.  Parents and kids filled the school gym and were invited to eat a morning meal together. Breakfast can be the most important meal of the day as students learn better on a full belly. 
It is estimated that one million children across Canada don't eat before school. Some by choice but many because of their financial circumstances. It is said that children that don't eat before school lose up to 2 hours of productivity!  Many people don't realize how important a proper breakfast is to a child's ability to learn. That is one of the many reasons that together we now have breakfast programs at Westwood Elementary and Spruceland Elementary. With continued support from Rotarians, The Sinclar Group and supportive PAC groups we hope to continue to expand this program in Prince George every year!