Induction of a new member

Suggested Induction Speech

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------------------------ we are so excited that you have chosen to become a part of our Rotary family and your initial attraction to our activities can grow deeper and more meaningful. The Rotary organization has a long and amazing history . We are continuously innovating and becoming relevant to our changing environment and looking forward to your Leadership and advice as we craft our vision. We invite you to provide feedback as you learn more about the amazing work we do in our 6 Areas of focus; fellowship; fun; and Leadership Development opportunities.
You are strongly encouraged to consult with your mentor ; join a committee so that you always remain engaged. There is a great deal to learn about this very large organization and we want you to regularly learn about the areas that could be of particular interest to you so it becomes mutually satisfying to you. We encourage you to involve your family and friends in all our activities as well. We have several Conferences and Learning & Developments days so that we increase your Rotary knowledge and engagement.
We are very flexible in our approach and want your regular feedback on what we can change/ alter/ improve as an organization.  ------------------, networking ; fellowship and getting engaged in the Leadership of our club is available as you see fit .you are welcome to attend any local and/or International Rotary club which is an interesting and exciting way to meet new friends and experience other cultures .
You will learn about our guiding principles ; vision; and our four way test which embody our culture and is a guiding light in our activities. ---------------------------------, you have been invited to join us in this journey and want to help you identify your passion and area of interest. We believe that you are a great fit to our club and want to welcome you to The R C of ------------------------.
Fellow Rotarians, please welcome ----------------------------- to our family and please come forward to congratulate  ---------------- ! 

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