Posted by Don Evans on May 28, 2018
Thursday, May 3 - Rotary Club of Bowen Island -  Bowen Island and the Rotary club there are kind of special to us - just a short ferry ride and it is like entering another world compared to the concrete and bustle of the city.   And, having facilitated the initial planning and subsequent chartering of this club it holds a special place for us with its innovative community projects and activities.
President Ross picks us up at the ferry and on the way to the meeting (which is held at Collins Hall) we stop and see the new bike track that the club has recently contributed to (along with other partners).   At the meeting we catch up on both club and District news, and talk about the coming District Conference.   A potential Rotary Peace Scholar candidate is there and talks about why she will apply for one of these scholarships - an interesting dialogue ensues and we all wish her well.   Then it's back to reality on the ferry, with the lights of Bowen receding as we head across Howe Sound.