Anishnaabe/Cree and French interdisciplinary artist Jenifer Brouseau shares stories of her travels throughout our vast country, from coast to coast to coast for the past 25 years. They are stories of resilience and connection and her own journey of reconciliation through digging deep to learn truth and find a brighter future. She will be speaking at the 2020 Vision Conference of Rotary District 5040, April 24 to 26, 2020, at the Pinnacle Harbourfront Hotel, in Vancouver.
Hailing from the traditional territory of Serpent River Nation in Ontario, Jenifer Brouseau lives in West Vancouver. She is a member of the Rotary Club of Vancouver. She is a writer, director, actor, singer, speaker, facilitator, motivator and program host, including two seasons appearing on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network’s program, Wild Archaeology.
Among various positions she has held are Indigenous Youth Outreach worker throughout Canada, writer and director of Beneath the Surface, a play which received the Telus Innovation award, Executive/Artistic Director of Vancouver-based imagi’NATION Collective, an arts-based collective focused on healing Indigenous youth, and Keynote Speaker with the International Indigenous Speakers Bureau.
On top of these achievements, this strong Indigenous woman has written, produced and directed several theatrical pieces, with a focus on Indigenous issues such as reconciliation, harm reduction/suicide prevention, and cultural reconnection.
Jenifer's extensive resume in social, support, and prevention work in the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver has broadened her understanding of the way change is created, and her experiences with trauma, coping, and Indigenous identity have shaped her leadership skills. Jenifer fuses passion, art and creativity with social justice and compassionate education to create her own unique blend of powerful change.
Whether it is through a speaking engagement, vocal performance, through her impactful writing and directing, or any other aspect of her work, Jenifer inspires positive change through her example. She makes an impact, an imprint, and a spark of hope for the future.