At the District Conference last April, the Rotary Club of Gibsons put out a challenge to the other District Clubs to: Help Us Roll 1000 Hippos. Needless to say, our display booth garnered lots of attention!

Click on the link below to view the digital presentation of the Challenge. It gives the background to this simple innovation and also highlights the smiling faces of the women who were blessed with our club's action:



Our Club was very excited about getting behind this project. And after viewing the video of our donation at work, we couldn't wait to tell other District clubs about it. It has all the high notes of a great, heart-felt project: empowering women and children, health and sanitation, water, educational opportunities, etc.

For District Rotary clubs with limited resources and volunteers, this project is 'hands-free'. For clubs that want a larger presence, the opportunities are unlimited... Just ask me to make a presentation!

We want to apply for a matching Global Grant so a funding goal and deadline are essential. Pledge Sheet are available to help facilitate the decision-making.

There are 52 Clubs in our District. Getting behind this project -- in a big or small way -- will put our District Clubs in the spotlight. It also makes a great public relations story for your local media.

For more information call Luke Vorstermans Tel: 778.872.4402 or email: