Posted by Peter Roaf on May 06, 2020
All members in our District now have the opportunity, through Zoom, to experience the inspiration and learn from the shared knowledge and wisdom of some of the leading speakers who were scheduled to speak at the cancelled 2020 Vision Conference in Vancouver in April.
The 2020 Vision Speakers Series will include five speakers, as scheduled below, including District Governor Bala Naidoo.
The Best Conference that Never Was
Wednesday, May 13th 4:00 PM – The first speaker is a Vancouver Rotarian, Rumana Monzur, who has a powerful, heartfelt story to tell about her personal journey from the depths of despair to learning how to prosper as a blind person. When Rumana Monzur’s ex-husband blinded her while trying to kill her in June 2011 her life turned into an obstacle course. Along with blindness came many hardships and challenges. She kept tripping, stumbling and falling down. But as she struggled to get up each time, she learned that adversity is the best university! To graduate from it, you need hope, courage, personal participation and transformation.
She started her career as a lecturer in International Relations but, after becoming blind, decided to change her career. Rumana graduated from the University of British Columbia, in May 2017 with a law degree, and is currently a counsel at the Department of Justice Canada in Vancouver. Today Rumana is a beloved “lamp-lighter” who instills light and love wherever she goes and speaks.
To attend this speaker session, with Rumana Monzur, on Wednesday, May 13th at 4:00 pm just click on this link to Zoom and use your computer screen and microphone. If necessary use these meeting access numbers:
Meeting ID: 856 8539 0338
Password: 622118
Sunday May 17th 4:00 PM – Kirsten Bloomquist – who was a Vancouver Fraserview member and has since moved to Chilliwack. Kirsten is a clinical hypnotherapist.  She will show you how to unlock your subconscious mind to be a better you.  No, you will not be hypnotized
Wednesday May 20th 4:00 PM – Sameer Ismail – a first year student at UBC who will give you his vision on how to be a global citizen based on his experiences with Adventures in Citizenship and Mock United Nations.
Sunday May 24th 4:00 PM“Roskars” -- our annual District awards.  Who will win Rotarian of the Year?  Who will win Rotary Club of the Year?  Plus the Membership Awards, Don Evans People of Action Awards and the DG Awards.  The Roskars Night will be hosted by District Governor Bala Naidoo and 2020 Conference Chair Tom Smith.
Wednesday May 27th 4:00 PM – Margaret Page, Second Vice President of Toastmasters International. You will learn about what to expect from the Rotary International and Toastmasters International recent partnership.
Wednesday June 3rd 4:00 PM – Dr. Marina Roma-March, founder of the Third World Eye Care Society.  You will learn what is going ot happen with all the eyeglasses we have collected.  Did we reach our goal of 2,020 pairs?  Yes, we did, and final numbers will be available once we get back to our new normal.
Sunday June 7th 4:00 PM – District Governor Bala Naidoo. He has visited all the clubs this year. He is also trying to visit all the clubs through their on line meetings.  He will share his key learning, take aways and hi-lites of the Rotary year 2019-2020.  A year to remember as we adapt and adopt new ways to pivot to the new realities that face our District.