Each year in District 5040, RI Policy requires we choose a Rotarian to serve as District Governor approx. 2.5 years from now (Rotary Year 2019-20). The President of any Club in the District may submit the name of one of its members for consideration by the District Nominating Committee.
The Nominating Committee in District 5040 is made up of the District Governor Elect, the District Governor Nominee, the two immediate Past District Governors and one Assistant Governor who is a member of a club in District 5040. This year’s Committee is chaired by Immediate Past District Governor John Anderson.
The Manual of Procedure for Rotary International provides that a District Governor be nominated by his or her Club at a regular meeting. The President shall then file with the chair of the Nominating Committee a resolution naming the candidate and certifying that he or she meets the qualifications for D.G. as stated in the Manual of Procedure for Rotary International.
Nominations for 2019-20 must be submitted on the appropriate forms, which have been sent to each Club President and Secretary no later than Friday November 4th 2016 and should be forwarded to the Chair.  Such nominations shall be accompanied by the Club resolution, a current photograph of the candidate and a resume setting out both Rotary service and personal background. Nominees will be interviewed on November 20th and the candidate announced by December 1st.
Questions regarding the nomination process should be addressed to PDG John at: johnlanderson@telus.net Phone 604 948 2944.

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