Posted on Jul 05, 2023
District Foundation Chair PDG Lorne Calder reports another year of outstanding generosity and productivity of our District 5040 clubs and members in the 2022-23 year just ended. Thank you and congratulations to all our members. Here is a year end summary of our achievements for The Rotary Foundation in our District.
At 2022-23 year end on June 30th, of the 20 Districts in Rotary Zone 28 -- which includes Canada, Alaska and parts of other northern States and France’s islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon – our Rotary District 5040 we ranked #1 in the entire Zone 28 for Endowment Giving.
Another big achievement was our rank of #2 in Per Capita Giving which reached $247.21, even more impressive with our District’s ranking of #39 (top 10%) out of 535 Districts worldwide in per capita giving.
For Total Giving we reached $804,004, exceeding the goal of $800,000, putting us in #2 position in Zone 28, and marking the third highest level in our District’s history.
For Other Projects we ranked #3.
For Every Rotarian Every Year giving, we finished the year with 49.2% of our members in that category, very close to 50%, well above average for our District.
District donations to End Polio finished the year at $76,676 plus an allocation of $15,000 US District Designated Funds (DDF) which is matched by the world fund and the Bill and Melinda Gates polio match means this District provided $311,028 towards polio eradication.
Lorne adds, "Clubs in our District have earned 23 Certificates of Appreciation -- for clubs achieving at least $10,000 US in giving to the Annual Programs Fund, End Polio or Total Giving -- and 23 Rotary International Polio Certificates -- minimum of $1,500 US raised for End Polio. That is remarkable! Congratulations to all you, clubs and members, and a big thank you."