Posted by Don Evans on Aug 08, 2017
Tuesday, August 8 - We are off to Quesnel from Whistler and the smoke from the BC Wildfires is relentless. As we make our way north detouring around the highway closures due active fires, the drive is sobering and we start see firsthand some of the devastation and horrific conditions the people of the Cariboo have been through - with several areas where fire has burned right to and across the highways and choking smoke still remains.
Thursday, August 10 is our visit with the Rotary Club of Quesnel. President Sandra Lewis meets us in the morning and we have a great tour of many projects in the community, starting at the Rotary Clock at Spirit Square and visiting many facilities that Rotary has helped such as the Hospice House, the Soccer Facility where Rotary has provided nets and a very useful golf cart, welcome signage, and a touching visit to the Pet Safe Coalition who are caring for many evacuated animals from the fire zones including chickens, turkey, dogs, goats, horses and more. They operate out of a small trailer (with a Rotary logo) at the agricultural fair grounds with 24 hour volunteers. Quesnel Rotary has found that they have an unpaid security bill in setting up the emergency shelters and agrees to cover it immediately.
The lunch meeting of the club is well attended, and well organized. The cheque is presented to Pet Safe Coalition's Debbie Knabke to help with their emergency efforts. The club is vibrant and active. That evening, PDG Rebecca MacPherson and Ted host a social evening for club members at their lovely home -  we thoroughly enjoy,  and get to know Quesnel Rotarians even better.  It has been a great visit to this Cariboo north community.