Global Citizenship


Sameer Esmail


Student at the University of British Columbia



  • Sameer has represented his community on a national scale at Rotary’s Adventures in Citizenship and at Forum for Young Canadians. 


  • Sameer Esmail is a second-year university student from Burnaby, British Columbia currently studying International Relations at the University of British Columbia. As a global citizen, Sameer has worked extensively within his community to enhance student voice and raise awareness of global issues.
  • Sameer’s passions range from debate to politics to geography.
  • Sameer has also worked on a community service mission in Ecuador, currently serves as Co-President of PennyDrops at UBC, and has worked on the TEDxUBC team.
  • Sameer has also taken on the role of Junior Team Canada Ambassador on the 2019 Global Vision Trade Mission to Malaysia and Singapore.


Global Citizenship

What is Global Citizenship? What does it mean to be a Global Citizen? In my talk, “Becoming a Global Citizen,” we will explore these definitions and understand why the world needs more  global citizens. I will use experiences that I have gained through Rotary’s Adventures in Citizenship, Model United Nations, and other educational forums to communicate how I have grown my own sense of global citizenship.