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Demonstrating the power of the mind and practical ways


Kirsten Bloomquist


Self Employed 



  • Joined the Rotary Club of Fraserview 2019
  • Moved to Chilliwack and looking to join one of the 4 Clubs 


  • Kirsten is the author of her new book, "Power Now: the Art of Getting What You Want, How to Master Your Mind & Love Your Life."
  • You can program your mind to get what you want... and she is the one to show you how!.
  • Kirsten Bloomquist is a Clinical Hypnotherapist. She helps people to access their subconscious mind, awaken to their potential and live a life of fulfillment. 
  • Her clients have included professional athletes, business owners and even a billionaire.


.You can choose which speech topic you would like:

The Power of the Mind (20 – 30 minutes)

The  power of positive thinking, and motivation have become widely popular topics with people looking to become their best selves.  Kirsten will discuss the questions that are on everyone's mind:  “Do I  have more power within me and how can I access it?”  Kirsten will show the audience ways they can access their inner power and use it for more confidence, happiness and fulfillment.

How to Reprogram the Subconscious to get what you want (45 minutes)

It is said that the mind is programmed by approx. 7 years of age, shaping our beliefs, morals, characteristics,    personality traits and fears - can we change it later in life at our own will?  We are seeking alternative measures to achieve our desires, such as meditation, mindfulness, life coaching and hypnotherapy.