Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.
Peter F. Drucker



RLI Part Two topics include:

Strategic Planning & Analysis

I can strengthen my club by promoting and leading insightful planning and analysis. Looking at my Rotary club, how can I help make improvements that will matter?


Targeted Service

I can lead and promote my club’s participation in unique, significant and targeted service opportunities through our Foundation. Understand the key concepts of Rotary programs!


Club Communication

I can serve by leading and promoting effective communications to my club’s internal and external audiences. Refine and practice your skills.


Team Building

I can lead and promote my club’s collaboration in effective and motivated groups to accomplish our goals of service. Harness the real power of Rotary clubs and Rotarians!


Attracting Members

I can lead and promote my club’s reexamination of its distinctive position in my community and the quality of members we attract. I want to work with the best people!