Public Image and Public Relations are important functions for all that we do. When a Rotary club has a positive public image. brand or reputation. current members are motivated to participate in service above self. prospective members are eager to join and sponsors are willing to support service.
Often too little is known about Rotary in our communities and opportunities are missed. The District 5040 Public Image and Public Relations team is here to support our clubs in service near and far and our District's service on behalf of our clubs. We are here to help tell our story. That is: Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change - across the globe. in our communities. and in ourselves.
Public Image is a top priority of Rotary and we share that vision.
Rotary International Brand Center
The many resources you may need in telling the Rotary story, producing communications and advertising can be found in the Rotary International Brand Center -- a My Rotary account needed, but that's easy to set up.
Public Image
Our reputation is our brand. Sometimes we feel that Rotary is the best kept secret and our challenge is to get the word out and tell our story. Key concepts to consider are:
• what we do and how we do it;
• 'people of action";
• 'service above self";
• 4-way test.
Rotary stories
For the most effective message when telling a Rotary story here are some guidelines and examples in the District Showcase of projects:
• focus on developing human interest. personal experience;
• tell why people should care about what Rotary has to say;
• do things of value to our members and our communities - we are what we do;
• start stories about value achieved or planned then Rotary's role in that achievement;
• keep telling them with lots of images to build our Brand with people in action not posed.
As noted in the Brand Center, Rotary's recommended photography style focuses on relationships, community impact, and action and engagement. The photos should always tell a genuine story. They should be powerful and evocative images that inspire and motivate the public and show that Rotary is made up of people of action. Photography that uses a documentary style (meaning that the subjects of the image are not posed) usually accomplishes this best.
Choose images that show Rotary participants taking action by:
• featuring real-life, everyday moments;
• displaying a sense of motion;
• featuring just a few people that viewers can see well;
• using warm lighting and natural colors;
• representing the diversity of your club and community.

Rotary logo
Use the current Rotary logo in a consistent. professional way to create a "family" look for our Rotary Brand.That is our Public Image. Start first within your club and then in the community. Below are some sample formats. The digital stationery can be produced as templates at no cost or, for business cards of you or your club in general, at minimal cost of Avery business card template (Avery #38873). One source for Rotary branded clothing in our District is Creative Embroidery in Richmond and Rotarian Nick Jordan.

Build a Public relations plan
Consider who do you need to influence so they act in support of the cause? Awareness ► Understanding ► Commitment ►Action
Start with planned outcome of any service project and its human impact then explain Rotary's role. Write stories about results and use action photos and videos where possible. Use the schematic below to guide your club through the process
Think in cycles of Research ► Action Plan ► Communications ► Evaluation
+ website +  Facebook +  Twitter +  Instagram + other social media
+ advertising + posters + community event calendars + presentations to community groups
+ radio and TV + public service announcements
Leverage Rotary's Global Public Relations Campaign "People of Action"
Rotary's "People of Action" campaign brings the Rotary story to life in a way that narrows the gap between public awareness and understanding.
The People of Action campaign communicates the essence of Rotary and reflects our values.
• We build lifelong relationships.
• We honor our commitments.
• We connect diverse perspectives.
• We apply our leadership and expertise to solve social issues.
To help your club spread this narrative in a clear, consistent. and compelling way, a set of People of Action campaign materials in the Brand Center: print. digital. and outdoor advertisements. as well as videos and other marketing resources have been developed. There also is a shortcut for adding a People of Action word to a photo.
Here is an example of a photo of a project in Squamish becoming a print advertisement (an additional message can be added):
Club's may also create Facebook pages. large and small web site images, standing displays and pamphlets.
The resources are available from the Rotary International Brand Center Create Your Own section. Again you must be logged on to Rotary International to access the site
Need Help?
First check the list of resources on the left hand column.
We are here to help and please contact us. For questions. concerns or requests for assistance. please contact:
Peter Roaf
Interim Chair, Public Image Committee
604-839-1465 (mobile)
Share this page on the Rotary District 5040 website at with any of your club members who are planning public relations.