ImageD5040 Paul Harris Society Chair - Tom Smith

The purpose of the District 5040 Paul Harris Society is to encourage Rotarians to pledge a minimum of US$1000.00 per year to The Rotary Foundation - Annual Program Fund. The donor will receive a special metal ribbon that they may attach to a Rotary or Paul Harris pin.

Every year Rotarians from every corner of the globe work to make our goal of world peace and understanding a reality through the projects and programs of The Rotary Foundation. Our Foundation's ability to serve humanity is limitless as long as we participate in both hands-on projects and give our financial support.

The creation and continued promotion of the District 5040 Paul Harris Society allows Rotarians in our district to focus their efforts on making a tangible difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people just as though they were there in person to educate the illiterate, feed the hungry, administer polio vaccines to children, or perhaps perform life-saving surgeries.

The Paul Harris Society makes it possible for Rotarians in our district to further identify and work with other Rotarians around the world to grow in service to our entire community. The Paul Harris Society of District 5040 is one way to ensure that we will be able to continue working to improve the lives and living conditions of people who are less fortunate within our communities and around the world.

Donations made to The Rotary Foundation - Annual Program Fund support projects and programs in District 5040. Fifty percent of the funds donated to the Annual Programs Fund come back to the district to fund District Grants, Global Grants and other programs funded by District Designated Funds.

Please join the more than 60 Rotarians in District 5040 who have pledged to donate $1000 annual to The Rotary Foundation. If circumstances change you may withdraw from the society. We just ask that you do not wear the PHS pin.

Please download the application form For more information contact the District PH Society Chair Ian Davis at or 604-892-1535.