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Spokane was Win's birth¬place in 1899. His father was a Scotch-Canadian (later a Seattle Rotarian). His mother's ancestors joined the Massachusetts Colony in 1630. He went to school in Davenport (Washington), Portland and Seattle, and graduated from the University of Washington. In 1923 he married Elizabeth Lewis, and spent the next four years as comptroller of an American Board hospital in North China. Their sons, Alan and William, were born there. Daughter, Sally, came later. The rest of his career was spent in banking and related work in Tacoma, Auburn and Sedro-Woolley. After being District Governor he was Executive Secretary of the NW Tire Dealers Association, where he made many new friends.

He enjoys traveling and reading, and outdoor activities. He was awarded a Chilliwack Club's trophy as "The Most Honest Golfer".


Among his civic services have been: On Planning Commissions at county and state levels; on state and county Welfare Advisory Committees; Board of the NW Girl Scouts; on the Housing Authority of Sedro Woolley; the NW Senior Services Advisory Board.


He joined the Rotary Club of Sedro Woolley in 1939, and was its President in 1943-44. He has served on most committees of his club and the district. He has attended seven Rotary International Conventions.

His club honored him with a Paul Harris Fellowship in 1974.


The highlights of his year as Governor were: Securing the first Group Study Exchange with a district in Sweden, continuing the close ties with our matched district in New Zealand; the three nation District Conference in Bellingham when Pablo Campos Lynch of Mexico was the President's representative; two new clubs in Alaska; and that seven of his area and special representatives and club Presidents have become District Governors.