"Share Rotary - Serve People"


Norm was born in Summerland in the beautiful Okanagon Valley of British Columbia. After attending U.B.C., he continued his education in Ontario where he graduated from the College of Optometry in 1949. Practicing first in Oliver to 1953, he then moved to Langley where he contin¬ued to practice until his recent retirement.

Over the years, Norm has played a leading role in his profession, serving for two years as president of the B.C. Optometric Association and for five years as its representative to the Canadian Association.

Norm is blessed with a very gracious wife, Kay, whom he met in England while serving overseas with the R.C.A.F. They have two daughters and a son, all of whom have launched successful careers, as well as three grandchildren of whom they are justly proud.


Community affairs have occupied much of Norm's time, especially in Langley. His involvements to name a few have been in his church, as a member of the Board of the School Trustees, as Chairman of the Langley Hospital Memorial Society, and as an Alderman of the City of Langley.


Norm was first a member of the Oliver Club, and then from 1958 of the Langley Club where he was a charter member. In both clubs he played an active role, and was president of Langley in 1964. As governor's representative, he made an outstanding contribution to formation of Langley Central in 1979.


As governor, Norm provided able leadership for District 504 and conveyed the message of Rotary with conviction and sincerity. It was in his year that the practice was begun of selecting a Rotarian who would serve as governor three years down the road. Norm has many memories of his year of office, but none he treasures more than the opportunity to meet so many Rotarians of outstanding caliber from all parts of the world.