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Herb was born in St. Joseph, Missouri, in 1895, moving to Kansas City when he was 10. There he finished his education and entered the mer¬chandising business; first with the Campbell Glass & Paint Company. For a while he travelled out of New York until he bought a Ladies Read-to-Wear store in Kirksville, Missouri, which he and his wife, Vera, operated for 25 years until they retired and moved to Everett in 1944.


He was active in the Kirksville Rotary Club and was its President. Soon after arriving in Everett he joined that Rotary Club there, and from 1957 to his death in 1970, served as its Secretary. In this post he was very efficient and helpful to the Club's membership. He had a thorough knowledge of Rotary.

Both before and after his year as Governor, Herb was active in District matters, and developed friendships throughout the area, being especially helpful to Clubs in their operating procedures.

The very successful project which he sponsored, and which is still carried on as a major yearly event by the Everett Club, was "The Country Store", a glorified rummage sale that runs for a week, and is a very good money maker. The main proceeds are for the Club's Youth Foundation.

The Everett Club made Herb the first Paul Harris Fellow in our District in 1969. Vera writes, "Herb felt this a great honor bestowed on him and appreciated it greatly. He lived Rotary all his life".