Frank was a native of Toronto, and is quoted "I earned my first dollar when I was eight years old, and received it as a messenger-boy in the T. Eaton Store in Toronto where I worked in summer holidays." Later he was with the Great Northwest Telegraph Company before returning to the clothing business in Toronto. He went to Victoria and in 1910 entered into partnership with Darrell Spence in the business which became The Toggery Shop.


In some Rotary records Frank is shown as having been a member of the Vancouver Club when he became Governor. We are glad to correct that error, and to acknowledge that in all his Rotary years he was a member of the Victoria Club.

He was President of the Victoria Club in 1936-37. During that year he promoted many fund raising and community services, including a special Rotarian magazine week and a joint picnic with the Vancouver Club at Newcastle Island.

During his year as Governor several new clubs were formed in parts of then District #101, though none in the present 504 area. Bill Clark, who knew Frank well, tells that Frank's greatest pleasure at conferences was to be responsible for the Parade of Flags - a job he did so well.