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Born in England and educated in Canada, organizing his own firm known as A. Simpson Company in 1936. During WWI he served in France; both in the infantry and as a pilot in the R.A.F. He and his wife, Flo, were music lovers. One of the pleasures of attending the Vancouver South Club meetings was to hear Art play the organ before the meeting started, and for the singing


Art is the Dean of our Past Governors, and was the first Governor of District 504.

Art was a charter member of the Marpole (now Vancouver South) Club in 1947, and was its President 1952-53. He was active in District affairs and was Governor's representative in the formation of two clubs. As District Governor he formed two other clubs, and the next year was a Rotary Information Counselor. As a member of the 1961 Tokyo Convention Committee, he contributed greatly to its incomparable success. Before being elected a Director of Rotary International in 1970 he had attended six Rotary Conventions, 22 District Converences, and has addressed more than 100 clubs on Rotary subjects. In 1971 he was elected third Vice-President of the R.I. Board, and continued his Rotary service in many ways.

One of these was the organization of the Wheelers Club, which became the backbone of the Vancouver South Club. This club is responsible for educating new members into Rotary, giving them a warmer feeling of fellowship and fitting them to be well trained future club leaders. Art had a thorough knowledge of Rotary Constitutions, By-Laws, procedures and Board rulings. He was known as "Mr. Rotary" to all who knew him.

He was active in Masonic Orders, and in various civic and welfare organizations.

The members of his club remember him as one of the kindest men they have ever met, always interested in other people's problems - whether personal or of the club. He was continually available for advice, and was always giving of his time. His club awarded him a Paul Harris Fellowship in 1970.

On his death in July, 1979, then Governor Bill Keenlyside visited the Vancouver South Club and told of his 29 years as a Rotarian, and of proudly observing the accomplishments of the club, which were due in part to a great Rotarian, a man highly respected, with qualities of warmth, humanness - always doing what was required and more. Art had a tremendous understanding of what was Rotary spiritually, constitutionally and historically.

Bill said that on his visits to Rotary International, the members of the Board enjoyed working with Art and felt they owed a great debt to him. The district would certainly miss him - his example of pursuing the great objectives of Rotary will continue to inspire us all, exemplifying as he did "Service Above Self".