From the beginning, even though over the years there have been many changes in areas and nomenclature as Rotary expanded, we have been an international district. Rotary first came to the Pacific Northwest when the Seattle Club, following Chicago, San Francisco and Oakland, was founded in 1909 as club #4. Vancouver, the oldest club in our district as presently constituted, was chartered in 1913 as club #61.


From PDG Art Simpson's Record


1915 -- Rotary International established Districts and District Governors. District 15 covered Washington, Oregon, Alaska and B.C.

1918 -- District 15 changed to 22, covering Washington, Oregon, Alaska and B.C.

1922 -- Number of districts changed from 22 to 1, no change in boundaries.

1937 -- District 1 renamed 102, covering Washinton, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and B.C.

1938 -- 102 renamed 101, no change in boundaries.

1949 --101 renamed 151, reduced in size.

1956 -- 151 split into two parts.

1957 -- 151 renamed 504, no change in boundaries.

1973 -- 503 established from parts of 502 and 504 (taking Alaska and Yukon out of 504).






as of July 1, 1973


CANADA -- BRITISH COLUMBIA, that portion west of longitude 121 degree, south of latitude 54 degree, south of latitude 56 degree, and west of the longitude 124 degree, not including Vancouver Isalnd. USA -- Washington, that portion west of the eastern boundaries of the counties of Whatcom, Skagit and Snohomish, north of S.W. 152nd Street extended, and north and east of the northern and eastern boundaries of the counties of Kitsap and Jefferson.





1992 - District number changed to District 5040