The rules for District Grants are being changed for COVID related projects. This applies to District Grants for the 2020-21 year.
$25,000 will initially be set aside for COVID related projects. This will be reviewed as we learn more about the needs and the duration of  social measures
The maximum Grant for a COVID project will $5,000
Covid 19 related projects must still conform  to all district grant requirements
The District Grants Committee will review and approve or reject Covid related projects as they are submitted
International COVID projects will only be approved for extraordinary cases
 Approval means the project will be submitted in the District spending plan submitted to the Rotary Foundation
 The plan will be submitted as soon as we have reached 80% of our allocated District Designated Funds (DDF) or on November 15th if we have not reached the 80% figure.
COVID related projects may proceed as soon as approval is received from the District Grants Committee however the grant funds will not be released until the Rotary Foundation has approved the spending plan and  released funds to the district. This may not be until December or January.
All other projects may be submitted as usual and may not proceed until grant funds are received