District Global Grants Chair Verona Edelstein

District Grant Chair Ian Grant

Rotary Foundation Global Grants 

Global grants support large international projects with sustainable, high-impact outcomes in the six areas of focus that correspond to the Foundation's mission.

Areas of focus:

1. Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
2. Disease prevention and treatment
3. Water and sanitation
4. Maternal and child health
5. Basic education and literacy
6. Economic and community development

Applying for Global Grants 

The District or any club in District 5040 wishing to apply for a Global grant must first submit a Grant Proposal to the Rotary Foundation. The proposal is to be submitted electronically online via Member Access on the Rotary International website and is to include:

1. Host and International Sponsor Information
2. Community Needs
3. Brief Description of Activity or Project.
4. Area of Focus
5. Sustainability and Measurability
6. Approximate Budget
7. General Financing

A copy of the proposal should be sent to the District Global Grants chair,  to ensure appropriate grant management and allocation of funds. 

There is no deadline for the submission of global grant applications. Proposals and applications for global grants are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. Proposals and applications pending at the end of the Rotary year will remain available for completion into the new year.

Show Me Your Money !

As of April 1, Global Grant and District Grant applications will be accepted for the new Rotary year.  Here is an example of the matching formula of the Global Grants.