Effective February 2018, District 5040 established a District Training Committee to oversee training in the district and plan and conduct training events.
The committee is responsible for providing Rotary leaders the knowledge and skills they need to lead their clubs and the district with passion and confidence and to educate all Rotarians about the Rotary organization, its programs and activities, to enhance their experience in Rotary. Developing the skills and knowledge of Rotarians and the leadership team improves the effectiveness of clubs and the district in supporting the goals of Rotary and the commitment to enhance communities and improve lives across the world.
The committee supports the governor elect (DGE) in training incoming club and district leaders and the governor (DG) in providing ongoing training to Rotarians. The DGE convenes the district team training, the presidents elect training seminar(PETS), district training assembly, and the grant management seminar in preparation for the coming Rotary year. The DG convenes ongoing training and leadership development programs such as Assistant Governor training; Membership, Rotary Foundation, Public Image and Youth Seminars; and Rotary Leadership Institute.
The Training Committee in District 5040 consists of a chair, trainers for each of the DG, DGE and DGN, and chairs of district committees with some training responsibilities. The chair is appointed for a three year term. Each trainer is appointed by the DGN and works with them during their years as DGN, DGE and DG. The committee also includes an Online Training Coordinator, a Website Coordinator and the DGN as the liaison with the Governor Team and the Assistant Governors.
“Let us bear in mind that each new member we add to our club decreases the efficiency of our club unless we educate that member in Rotary”  1921  Everett W. Hill RI President 1924-25
Penny Offer PDG
Chair, District Training Committee