District 5040 Conference May 2022 report
Conference Opening
Official greetings to open the conference came from (clockwise top left) Lheidli T'enneh First Nation Elder Darlene McIntosh, Lheidli T'enneh First Nation Chief Dolleen Logan, representative of Todd Doherty, MP, Mayor of Prince George Lyn Hall and Shirley Bond, MLA. The Canadian flag is piped in at the end of the flag parade.
Rotary International President's representative
Mayor of Carpinteria, California, and long standing Rotary International leader Wade Nomura, was conference representative of Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta, who lives in India. As a childhood polio survivor and now owner of a landscaping company, Wade has been involved in over 200 charitable Rotary projects across the globe and has been on more than 50 international project missions for Rotary, including a polio mission to India, A former national BMX Champion and professional racer, he has been inducted into the Japanese American Hall of Fame. 
Conference Hosts
Conference Chair Bill Hellyer, District Governor Lorne Calder and the Conference Team put on an excellent conference for all of us in Prince George
First Nations
First Nations featured at the conference: (top left, clockwise) Kashtan Drummers,
Lorelei Higgins, Lheidli T'ennehFirst Nation Chief Doleen Logan in discussion with Lorelei, and District Governor Nominee Shirley-Pat Chamberlain and Lorelei
House of Friendship
House of Friendship featured a wide variety of club service projects at home or in the world
Caden Fanshaw reporting, video clip:
Prince George hosts Rotary conference
for first time in nearly 20 years
May 20, 2022 | 5:02 PM
End Polio
End Polio was a prominent theme at the conference. Polio Survivor and Whitehorse Rotarian Ramesh Ferris makes his way to the stage and tells his story of hardship and good fortune with his loving, adoptive family. The End Polio march late Saturday morning throughout downtown Prince George made a prominent statement. In the House of Friendship, a quilt and photographs were on display as a fundraiser for the campaign.
Prince George Citizen
Article May 22, 2022, on
in conjunction with the District 5040 Conference
Areas of Focus "Wonders of Rotary" panels
Rotary Peace Fellow Saad Karim
Chief Doleen Logan, Lheidli T'enneh First Nation
Moderator: Lorelei Higgins, Mediators Beyond
Borders          READ MORE.......
Dr. Gary Wilson & Chris Calder, Breakfast Pgm
Tony Goulet & Ron Malmas, STARFISH Pgm
Ed Kwan, Little Amigo Program
Tanya Hall, Uganda Bursery Pgm
Moderator:  Bev Halauschak
Jordan Condois, Lhedili T'enneh, Ancient Forest A Cultural Prespective
Darwyn Coxson, UNBC, Ancient Forest An Academic Prespective
Moderator: Bob Redden EDI     READ MORE.......
Ramesh Ferris, End Polio
Introducer: Dave Yarmish
Brandon Vickers, FNHA Children's Health from Indigenous Prospective
Jennifer Begg, NHA Maternal & Child Health from HA prespective
Dr. Sheona Mitchell-Foster, UHNBC - Eradication of Cervivcal Cancer
Moderator: Bonnie Urquart
Luke Vostermans, Hippo Rollers
Rosette Nabuuma, WASH Program
Mike Storey, Laos Water Filters
Dr. Jason Li, UNBC Water Treatment Technology
Moderator: Peter Roaf         READ MORE.......
Moderator: Judy Mason       READ MORE.......
BBQ at Railway & Forestry Museum
Central BC Railway and Forestry Museum was the venue for BBQ dinner to finish the first day of conference.
Outstanding Club: Squamish Rotarian of the Year: Peter Roaf, Ladner
Lifetime Achievement: Gordon Dalgleish  
District Governors
Past District Governors
District Governor Lorne Calder and
Sue Calder (right) pass the DG banner
to incoming DG John Berry and Pat Berry
Sponsors, "Thank you!"