Crisis relief response
Crises strike at home or abroad. When they do, generous Rotarians are ready to provide relief.
As people of action, Rotarians step forward promptly with
financial aid, gifts of supplies or even themselves in
helping supply food, shelter and resettlement for those displaced or impacted in other ways.
Here are current crises to which we are responding right now.
Please contribute what you can when you can to these causes below.
Rotary update in Ukraine humanitarian relief, April 5, 2022
As of April 18, 2022 the Rotary Disaster Response Fund for the Ukraine has reached $9.5 million
EVANSTON, ILL,. April 5, 2022 – Rotary announced today that it has raised more than US $7 million to support locally-led relief efforts underway by Rotary clubs in Ukraine and neighboring countries.
"The need for immediate humanitarian aid is increasing with each passing day," said John Hewko, CEO of Rotary International. "Rotary clubs in Europe and around the world, including our 1,100 members in Ukraine, have stepped up their relief work, with some on the ground helping those displaced by the war."
• In western Ukraine, Rotary members in Lviv are working with local authorities and major hospitals to provide urgent medical supplies and equipment.
• In Slovakia and the Czech Republic, Rotary clubs have partnered with a railway company to offer transport to refugees and deliver essential items.
• In France and Germany, Rotary members set up a central fund and working group to coordinate aid for Ukraine and border countries.
• Rotary clubs in Poland have taken swift action to provide food, water, medical equipment, and transport and shelter for Ukrainian refugees.
• In France and Germany, Rotary members set up a central fund and working group to coordinate aid for Ukraine and border countries.
Funds raised by the Rotary Foundation -- Rotary's charity arm, go directly to those in need through local Rotary clubs in Ukraine and other countries where substantial aid is needed for refugees. To donate go to and see other options below.
More ways you can help with Ukraine relief
Among the 21 Rotarians who attended a virtual session organized by the Rotary Club of Kyiv – which our District 5040 and five others, with RC Vancouver sponsored 30 years ago -- about sponsorship of relief efforts in the Ukraine and nearby countries, was our District Governor Lorne Calder.
The group discussed the many accomplishments of Rotary and ways to continue raising awareness and donations for the Rotary Disaster Response fund. Donations need to be made before April 30th. Here are some links that may help those seeking ways to learn more and help out. 
Rotary International CEO John Hewko reports that, as of April 5, 2022, Rotary has raised over US$7 million to support clubs responding to the war in Ukraine, thanks to the many Rotary members and others for their generosity during this humanitarian crisis. 
Disaster Response Fund (Donate NOW) Option for Rotarians or Guests (anyone)
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Ukraine invasion
The war in the Ukraine is changing every day.  The demand for relief funds is forever growing.  Rotary is stepping up its humanitarian efforts that are happening on the ground.  The border countries (Poland, Hungary, Romania, Moldova) along with other European countries have done a remarkable job of handling the volume of Ukrainian refugees to-date.  However the volume of refugees that have swelled from 500,000 a week ago to 1,500,000 and expecting to increase to over 2,000,000 and could peak at 5,000,000 is hard to comprehend.
There are numerous funds, societies and fundraisers happening that are to assist these relief efforts but to the point that we cannot keep up with the volume and vetting of many of these well intended organizations.  Below are four different ways of giving to the Ukrainian relief efforts, three being Rotary sponsored and controlled.
I will be attending another meeting on March 10th with the General Secretariat (John Hewko) who is the CEO of Rotary and a member of the Kyiv Rotary Club.  I may have some more information with respect on how we can make a difference.  
With the growing demands- we are considering the holding of a District wide zoom session hopefully some time next week.  I will try to get a representative from Shelter Box, Disaster Aid Canada and The Rotary Foundation to present.
Yours in Rotary Service
Lorne Calder- District Governor- District 5040
Canadian Born with Ukrainian Roots
March 7, 2022
The Rotary Foundation- Disaster Relief Fund:  Donations can be made to the Disaster Relief Fund and are tax receipted. The funds will be first distributed to Districts who can apply for Disaster Relief Funds up to $50,000.  Personal donations are being collected until April 30th.  Districts are being encouraged to contribute unused District Designated Funds to this cause.  All funds donated will count towards your Paul Harris Fellow pins and will count in your clubs per capita giving stats. These funds are restricted funds and will only be used for humanitarian needs for Ukrainian Relief efforts and do not qualify for the Annual Program Fund (APF) SHARE program.   
Disaster Aid Canada:  This a Rotary led organization that is connected to Disaster Aid organizations around the world.  They have been extremely helpful in raising dollars for our BC Wildfires and BC Flood victims/disasters.  All funds are distributed to Rotary Clubs on the ground that have first hand knowledge of the needs and demands.  They have been very flexible in adapting to the crisis at hand and all funds are also tax receipted.
Shelter Box:  This is a Rotary sponsored organization that is currently assessing needs on the ground as we speak.  They offer shelter and basic humanitarian needs.  They have expertise of providing services on the ground and shelter for families.  You can donate dollars to Shelter Box Canada and all donations will be tax receipted. 
Canadian Red Cross: The Red Cross's 2:1 matching donations program for relief in the Ukraine has already reached its $10 million limit, but additional funds are still being raised.  This organization does work with other Red Crosses around the world and can deliver much needed supplies to the refugees.  As this organization uses paid help- overhead costs have been historically high.  This organization does provide tax receipts for donations.
Additional messages from relief agencies
In addition to the Ukraine relief message and links on this page there are these additional messages from agencies;
Message from The Rotary Foundation about relief response for Ukraine
Message from Disaster Aid Canada about relief response for Ukraine
Message from Shelterbox about its response to needs in Ukraine and support of Ukrainian refugees.