April 26-28, 2024
Terrace and Skeena Valley, BC

Imagine a journey into the heart of northwestern British Columbia, where the world within is magnificent mountains with teeming inlets, dense forests, and sleeping volcanoes.  As you view this breathtaking landscape you connect with your Rotary family to celebrate, open your heart to diverse ways of being.

Experience these ways of being with the peoples of this land in the territories of the Tsimshian, of the Haisla, and of the Nisga'a.

Create inspiring memories and adventures into a world within a world, of culture(s) since time immemorial, and of stories as together we Plant Seeds of Peace and Hope.

Come join us in beautiful northwest British Columbia! 

2024 Conference Details
Latest News from the Conference Committee
With the Conference coming up, the venue is going through the final checks. Register soon for the Rotary 5040 Conference and your hotel room! Local hotels can only save rooms until the 28th of February, after that, rates and availability may change.

Since 2021, it has been the dream of our current 5040 District Governor, Shirley-Pat Gale, to renew the vision of our past district governor, David Hamilton, by having a district conference in Terrace, BC, in partnership with the Nisga’a Nations and Mediators Beyond Borders International. This coming conference, Planting Seeds of Peace and Hope, is a testament to her dream being fulfilled, and it is becoming something even more meaningful.

Being respectful of the cultural traditions of our Nisga’a neighbours has meant that we have had to adjust some of our plans.