On May 13th, the first District 5040 Young Professionals Summit was held at the SFU Harbourside campus.  The event was an excellent opportunity for Young Professionals to meet, work together and develop relationships with others who will make a difference.

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The event started  with a fireside chat with Hamed Shahbazi, CEO of TIO Networks,  followed by an interesting panel of professionals who shared their passion for the work they do and being able to continue to make a difference.   The panel included:

  • Dean Rohrs, Rotary International Vice President
  • Joan Posivy Founder & President Global Youth Project
  • Dale Flood, Senior Regulatory Specialist, BC Hydro
  • Matt Martell, Senior Associate, Octothorpe Software
A series of personal development workshops and community project discussions followed.

The District 5040  Rotary Young Professionals Summit Committee thanks those who helped make the event the success is was. Additional  information available on the summit site or Facebook page