Clubs in our District have made our communities more livable and attractive by installing swimming pools, water parks and fountains. Our clubs have also led or supported projects all over the world to deliver clean water and improve sanitation in small and remote communities. While those of us fortunate to be living in this country of ours, and this province, may take our supply of fresh water for granted, and the sanitation facilities which come with our high standard of living, Rotarians do share the view that clean water and sanitation is a human right.
We recognize that people, especially children, lead healthier and more successful lives when they have access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene. Deprived of that access, children in poor health miss what can be provided in the way of education, which in itself can lead to healthier lifestyles of entire families. Women and girls are often deprived and put at risk because they are constantly required to travel great distances to bring potable water back to their communities.

Rotarians here in our District and worldwide not only deliver access to cleaner water, they continue with their commitment to strengthen the ability of communities to develop, fund, and maintain sustainable water and sanitation systems. Better health leads to better education, and education to better health.

Rotary recognizes the theme of Water and Sanitation in March. We can consider all of our valued, Rotary-sponsored, community projects which depend directly or indirectly on those essentials of any of our vibrant communities. We can also remind ourselves and our communities that, thanks to Rotary projects, 23 million people now have safe water and 21 million people have access to sanitation and hygiene. Our aim is to extend that right to people worldwide by 2030.