"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot," Dr. Suess says, "nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” We have so many talented members who could help District 5040 fulfill its mission to support and strengthen the clubs we serve.
If you are looking for the opportunity to serve, to learn, and to build relationships with other Rotary members across the district and beyond – check out the options.
If your passions to serve matches one of these opportunities below, please reach out to me, District Governor Elect Shirley-Pat, to arrange an opportunity for the Governor Team to hear from you. Scroll down for more on each position.
Thank you for considering lending your time and talent to help support and strengthen clubs across the District!
Yours in Service,
Shirley-Pat Chamberlain
District Governor 2023-24 Elect
Director of the Board
Be a voice for D5040 clubs and help guide the clubs to success, delivering on the mission, and achieving positive outcomes for the communities we serve and in ourselves. .
District Public Image Chair
Seeking leader of a team of storytellers to continue to help our clubs and District live our brand and tell our story among members and our communities. See Public Image Committee role summary.
District Treasurer
We are seeking a talented person with a passion for details to work with the Finance Committee to ensure the District is a good steward of our resources. See Finance Committee role summary.
District Club – Retention & Extension Chair
We are seeking a passionate Rotary member with a desire to grow Rotary through all avenues. See Retention & Extension Committee role summary.
Assistant Governor
Assistant Governor is an opportunity to be the District boots on the ground and share your time and talents with multiple clubs. See a description of the Assistant Governor role and check out the Learning Center courses.
Assistant Governor – Cariboo
Assistant Governor – Sunshine Coast
Assistant Governor – Richmond/Delta
District Interact Chair
An opportunity to plant the seed of Rotary and work with youth across the District to support them in making a difference.
See Interact role summary, under Optional Committees.
District Learning & Development Chair
A dynamic position that brings together all the leaders across different District committees to foster dialogue and action in providing a key component of membership engagement (professional development and learning). See Training Committee role summary
District Friendship Exchange
We are seeking a dynamic individual who likes to travel and bring people together to create opportunities for fellowship across the globe and in our communities. See Rotary Friendship Exchange, under Optional Committees.
Peace Committee
Join District leaders for one of Rotary's seven areas of focus in making a difference in service to our own communities as well as those around the world.