In partnership with Kenya Connect, District 5040 is sending 8 BC teachers to Kenya in March 2019! 
Thanks to the generous support from or District Rotary Clubs we have half of the USD$19,000 needed to support the project, We thank them sincerely.  But we now need a final push to reach the target required by The Rotary Foundation (TRF).

DISTRICT 5040 Vocational Training Team (VTT) Global Grant Project

The District is sending 8 BC teachers to Kenya in March 2019!

They will train Kenyan Teachers in 4 rural secondary schools to integrate Computer Technology (ICT) into their teaching methods. They will also work with the South East Kenya University team participants to provide further ongoing training for teachers at these and many more schools. Two of these four secondary schools are already equipped with computer labs thanks to a 2016 Global Grant from our District and the Sunshine Coast Rotary Club, but now they need more practical training in order to integrate the technology into their teaching and implement it’s use in the classroom. We will also provide each of these four schools with several laptops and projectors for practical use in ICT-enhanced teaching in any classroom.

In April, the Kenyan teachers will then visit BC to see first hand the benefits of teaching with technology. The Kenyan Team will visit many schools and Colleges throughout our District and take part in many Rotary activities. This is a great opportunity for clubs to participate directly in this Vocational Training Team.

More Information about the VTT

Additional Information about the project and the VTT may be found in the following documents:

Your help is needed

We have HALF of the USD$19,000 needed from our District Rotary Clubs, thanks to the generous support of several clubs, whom we thank sincerely! But we now need a final push to reach the target required by TRF.

Your contribution will make a big impact

Through matching grants your contribution will generate much more funding for the project. How? A USD$500 contribution (or CDN$ equivalent) by your club will get matched 219 TIMES from other sources!
The existing  $19,000 contribution from our District Rotary clubs will generate an additional $90,500 in grant funding!
We’d love your club to be a partner in this unique District project. Through TRF Canada, the Government of Canada has already approved US$34,000 towards the VTT and District 5040 has approved a US $15,000 grant for the project. With your additional help, we would also receive  $41,500 from TRF matches to make up our total budget of US$109,000!!

Would you like to help?

Please ask if your club can help? Cheques should be made out to Rotary District 5040 Global Grant #1981495 and sent to:
Riet Carter
District Treasurer
602 1327 East Keith Rd.
North Vancouver, BC V7J3T5
PDG John Anderson is the VTT leader. For information on how to contribute or to get involved in this exciting District project contact John at