During Spring Break 2019, in partnership with Kenya Connect, the Rotary Vocational Training Team (VTT) will visit schools in Kenya’s Kyaithani and Lower Yatta regions to become familiar with the educational environment and student needs in rural Kenya. It will work with local teachers and school principals to explore new ways of presenting material using computer and Internet technology.
The Selection Committee led by PDG Don Evans has completed their interviews of all applicants for the position of Leader for the VTT. PDG John Anderson has been chosen to lead the team to Kenya in March 2019 and work with the Kenyan team when they come to BC in April 2019.
    Congratulations John. This seems a natural given your background and commitment to the project.
    Now that the a team leader has been selected PDG Don Evans will chair the District VTT Committee to support PDG John Anderson and the VTT team. 

    More Information about the VTT

    Additional Information about the project and the VTT may be found in the following documents:

    Interested in Learning More or Joining the VTT Committee?

    We urge anyone interested in learning more or joining the committee to please contact  PDG Don Evans via email:  don_evans@telus.net