When Rumana Monzur’s ex-husband blinded her while trying to kill her in June 2011 her life turned into an obstacle course. Along with blindness came many hardships and challenges. She kept tripping, stumbling and falling down. But as she struggled to get up each time, she learned that adversity is the best university! To graduate from it, you need hope, courage, personal participation and transformation. Rumana Monzur will be speaking at the 2020 Vision Conference of Rotary District 5040, April 24 to 26, 2020, at the Pinnacle Harbourfront Hotel in Vancouver.
Rumana graduates from UBC in law
Far too many people mistake a stumble for a fall.  Instead of getting up, they stay down. In facing the many challenges that came with her sudden blindness Rumana did not lose her spirit. She still sees herself as the same person she always was: the same Rumana, who always believed in celebrating life. She started her career as a lecturer in International Relations but, after becoming blind, decided to change her career.
Rumana graduated from the University of British Columbia, in May 2017 with a law degree, and is currently a counsel at the Department of Justice Canada in Vancouver. Today Rumana is a beloved “lamp-lighter” who instills light and love wherever she goes and speaks.
Learn through Rumana’s remarkable story how to harness your inner strength, tap into the well-spring of hope and get back on your feet every time you stumble in life.