Posted on Jun 27, 2024
StoryWalks, of children’s book two-page reading stations, exchanged every two weeks or so year round, along a one kilometre trail provides an outdoor experience and an opportunity for children to read with adults,  learn new words, describe things and events, enjoy and tell stories, learn how to follow a story in sequence, physically moving as a hop, skip, run or fly from page layout to layout, and hear and play with sounds and letters in words.
Literacy has been a top priority for the Rotary Club of Williams Lake Daybreak and that has continued with its new Satellite division in adding another StoryWalk along the RC Cotton trail off of Scout Island Nature Centre and bird sanctuary in the Williams Lake, BC community with $3,668 from the club and $1,386 in a Rotary District Grant from The Rotary Foundation.
With approval of the City of Williams Lake and the Williams Lake First Nations for use of the land for the StoryWalk trails, five Rotary club members and a friend raised funds for the project and installed the reading stations including pounding in wooden posts and mounting the metal display frames and glass covers to the posts. Cariboo Chilcotin Partners for Literacy provides the labour and inventory of stories to regularly change out the stories on the trails.
Sponsors of the project were Home Hardware for lumber and Richard Douillard for building the frames.