Posted by Don Evans on Oct 14, 2017
Tuesday, September 19 - This is the first of two weeks on the Sunshine Coast, and we are at the Powell River Sunrise Rotary club to start off our day at their breakfast meeting.  Secretary Helen deBruyckere has us well organized, President Frank Clayton runs a great meeting and we have lots of dialogue with the members.  We are also honoured to help install new member Vivica Watson.
After the meeting, Rotarian Mac Fraser takes us on a tour of several of the club's projects including a new greenhouse at the Brain Injury Society, a horse shelter at the Therapeutic Riding Society, lots of hands on work painting and constructing at the Academy of Music, and the Outdoor Fitness equipment at Willingdon Beach Park.  The club has truly been Making a Difference here in Powell River.
Wednesday, September 20 is an active day with the Rotary Club of Powell River, and we start off touring the community with President Elect Frieda Hamoline and Past President Sean Hees. This club has made a major impact on the community over its many years.   Basically the entire city waterfront has been helped by Rotary - from the viewpoint with its large granite recognition to the Willingdon Beach Park and campground with its large log pavilion.  The club is well known in the community for their Shopping Spree Raffle and Art Auction.
We meet with the club executive in the afternoon at the new library (with its Rotary Room) and then a very active club meeting at the Coastal Cookery restaurant with spouses and friends making up a large and participative audience.  While there we also assist with the club's attendance awards and are delighted to present a Paul Harris +3 to past President Sean.
Thursday, September 21 has us on the move across to Pender Harbour, and we are treated to a great tour of the area including a boat ride around the beautiful harbour with President Mike Price and several Rotarians. This "Little Club That Does" has many active projects underway, funded through their annual Art Auction, Show & Shine and many other community activities.  They support many community projects, and while we are there we visit the PODS project that is getting underway and we present a cheque to the local Royal Canadian Marine - Search and Rescue (RCM SAR) towards their badly needed new boat.  Throughout the community is evidence of their latest hands on project - picnic tables at both public and other areas for all to use.
Friday, September 22 completes our time in Pender Harbour as we meet with the club's board in the morning and then attend their regular Friday noon meeting.  The meeting is well attended and highly interactive - just as we like it - and we are able to have a great conversation about Rotary and its future direction.  We are also pleased to help install new member Carolyn Farrand to the club.