Posted on Jun 20, 2022
A fire truck, two ambulances, medical equipment and supplies and equipment have been arriving as relief in parts of war-torn Ukraine thanks to the Rotary group of clubs and Districts in which our District 5040 Governor Lorne Calder has represented us. Lorne reports that the group's next step is to acquire a hard bottom boat and some diving equipment to take out bombs, shells and debris out of their rivers and lakes so people in destroyed communities can access fresh water.  The access to fresh water becoming more and more critical.
A fire truck, two ambulances, medical equipment and medical supplies have arrived as relief in Ukraine
through a Rotary group of clubs and Districts to which our District 5040 is contributing
Another initiative of the group is "adopt a village" to direct donations to rebuilding of a village by building modular homes for living conditions while they rebuild their family home. Up to 300 modular units are required immediately. Another viable option for temporary shelter is trailers which mining and other companies might be able to supply. 
In response to the desperate need for living space, Shelter Box has received CDN$55,740 so far from members and clubs in District 5040  One donation of CDN$1,200 came from a high school Interact Club.
Shelter Box is responding with desperately needed accommodation for families among the millions of people displaced from the Ukraine
Nine Pacific Northwest Rotary Districts (Districts in BC, Northern California, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Alaska) have raised US$1.0 million for the Disaster Relief Fund. Rotary donors in Canada have contributed CDN$1 million so far. Around the world, Rotarians have raised more than US$15 million.
Learn more about how Rotary is responding overall.
Rotary and Rotaract clubs in Europe and around the world are working with members nearby to provide information, transportation, medical equipment, and shelter for refugees. Find out what clubs are doing
Rotary Disaster Response Grants:  The Rotary Foundation supports disaster relief and recovery efforts through grants from the Rotary Disaster Response Fund.
Documents used by Districts in applying for Disaster Relief through Rotary:
• Disaster response application;
• OFAC Review Checklist;
• Disaster Response report.