The Rotary Learning Center holds links to a wide variety of training sessions. It includes E-learning, Course Catalogs, Webinars, Classroom Sessions and Learning Plans. New topics are being added all the time.
Click the "Read More" for additional information and instructions on how to access the center
Important:  In order to access to access the Learning Center and many of the other aspects of the Rotary International website, you must have a My Rotary account. If you do not have an account already, you can create one using your name and the e-mail address used in your Rotary Profile.  Click here to register. If you need aditional details here is a link to a document that can help you with the process. 
To access the Learning Center go to  If you have not already signed in you will see the Sign In screen.  After you have logged in you will see the following screen: 
There are a lot of items in the Rotary Learning Center.  To get started we suggest starting by entering a topic of interest in the Search area (Red Circle above). We also suggest clicking on one of the "View" buttons within one of the topics of interest. This will direct you list of  possible courses.
Also go to the My Rotary: Club Administration to download how-to guides that will help you use the new My Rotary.