Posted by Chris Offer on Dec 27, 2018
Planning is well underway for the Rotary Positive Peace Workshops in Colombia in 2019. District 5040 is a co-sponsor of the workshops with Districts 5420 Utah and District 4281 Colombia.
District 5040’s decision to become a partner in a Global Grant is a direct result of the 2018 Peacebuilding Conference in Vancouver. Colombia ranks 146 out of 163 countries in the 2017 Global Peace Index, so there are opportunities for building workable peace in that country.
In December 2018 two Rotary Foundation staff traveled to Bogota, Colombia to plan the five workshops that will be held in 2019. The workshops will emphasize the future and not past conflicts.
The workshops will draw participants from three groups. First, there will be University representatives who have a focus on peace education and research, the second group will be community representatives selected by local YMCAs, and the third group will be Rotaractors.
By reinforcement young leaders’ knowledge and skills in building peace, Rotary can expand and enhance their efforts in creating more durable peace and peaceful communities in Colombia.
The workshop goals are centered on building the participants peacemaking skills. Flexibility is key in planning the workshops to ensure the curriculum can change depending on the needs of the community where the workshop is being held. Rotary Peace Fellows will assist as facilitators during the courses.
After the five workshops are completed a core group of trainers will be selected to continue offering workshops across Colombia to give support to the peace accord.
A general positive peace course will be developed for use by all Rotary clubs globally. The course tools will be available on the Rotary website. The goal is a course or workshop that can be held in any community to build positive peace with Rotary sponsorship.
District 5040 is playing a key role in initiating a new Rotary focus on positive peace. This early work will play a significant role in future Rotary peace initiatives.
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