Posted by Don Evans on Oct 24, 2017
Thursday, October 12 - The Rotary Club of Bowen Island is also visited this day, and we are treated to a very special evening on the Island by President Ross Patterson and the club.   We start by seeing one of their very innovative projects - the placement of public AED devices at many strategic and busy locations around the island.   This project not only involves the purchase and installation of these devices, it also provides training in their use and in CPR techniques to those who are nearby the units.   Fourteen of these units have been placed to date.
Continuing on the emergency response theme, this club is also offering reflective house number plates to residents - these standard reflective blue numbers roadside make it easy for emergency crews to find an address - something of special benefit in a locale such as Bowen Island where dark driveway entrances are the norm.   Other projects the club runs are the Run for Rwanda and the production of a very nice Bowen Island Trail map and brochure -  think there is some hiking in our future!
We meet with the club board, and learn that this most recently chartered club is doing quite well, and then join the club members for dinner and our talk at the lovely home of Hilary and Robin - great home cooking, especially the dessert!  Then it's time to head back to the mainland on the ferry - after a most engaging and enjoyable visit to Bowen.