Posted by Don Evans on Nov 15, 2017
Tuesday, November 7th - That same evening, we are in for a real treat as we visit with the Rotary Club of Vancouver Centennial, a mainly Taiwanese club that meets at the Taiwanese Cultural Centre in Vancouver.   This is a most unique and fun experience for us, as we meet with the executive while dinner is being prepared in the kitchen (it is wonderful!).   Recently there has been a Friendship Exchange visit from a Rotary club in Taiwan and we hear about the great experiences that they had.   We are heading to Taiwan ourselves at the end of December and plan to make a visit to this club while we are over there as we missed them on their visit to Vancouver and BC.
The meeting gets underway with the traditional O Canada, and then two Rotary songs,  R-O-T-A-R-Y and the Welcome to the Governor song!   Acting President Kim presides over the meeting as President William is overseas, and we have a good interactive meeting with lots of questions.
This club is active in many things, among them a water project in Paraguay - a unique ceramic water filter project where the locals are trained to actually make the filters themselves (true sustainability!).   Locally the club is very into music - their biggest fundraiser is their annual Parade of Music Concert each year and a major beneficiary is the Richmond - Delta Youth Orchestra.
There is a grand piano in their meeting room - so we had to end off the evening by testing it!