Posted by Don Evans on Dec 05, 2017
Sunday, November 19 - Today brings a very special opportunity not to be missed;  to attend and participate in our District Rotaract Training day.   The day is held at the Burnaby Neighbourhood House, which is the venue used by the Rotaract Club of Burnaby.
Facilitators are District Rotaract rep Johanna Johnston and Maryam, who guide the group through the day's activities focussed on learning, planning and teambuilding.   District Rotaract Chair, Joan Posivy, addresses the group, as does Governor Don Evans and Gloria Staudt.
There is an "ask a Rotarian Panel" as well as a creative team activity to build a stool our of newspaper - that will actually hold weight (the winning team's held 12 bottles of water!).   The afternoon focussed on planning and building Rotaract.   Next year (2018) will be the 50th Anniversary of Rotaract as part of the Rotary family.   Expect a celebration in March!