With the Rotary theme of Water & Sanitation in March here are five Rotary Foundation Global Grant Projects in keeping with that theme, approved and funded or ongoing in 2016-2017 by The Rotary Foundation and supported by District 5040.
1. GG 1411610 Paraguay Water Project
In progress. Lead clubs RC Vancouver Centennial and RC Taipei Yung Fu , local partner club Asuncion Sur  Cost: $77,278.
This project supports the benevolent NGO TEMHA in the building of a research and teaching school for hand made ceramic water filters systems. The project was inspired by a Buddhist monk who visited Paraguay and was moved by the needs. The technology to be used will provide Ceramic filters. The filters will be constructed using local materials and will last 5 years rather than two years as do those now available. Financial support comes from the two lead sponsors and their districts.

2.GG 1526287 Water and Sanitation, Menkao Village RC Kinshasa Congo
In progress. Cost: $301,800
Lead clubs RC Vancouver and RC Kinshasa Kingabwa with support from their Districts, plus RCs 100 Mile House, Tokyo Setagaya South, Hunters Hill Australia and Lille France.
The project will provide a 260 metre well, a water storage tower and generator, and two sets of latrines: one at the site and one in the village. 500 hand washing stations will be erected in the village. A connecting water line will provide clean water for 1,500. Villagers. The project will support an agricultural training school for Kinshasa street children and village children, a maternity clinic and provide Hygiene and sanitation training of villagers and in schools.

3. GG 1525933 Kibira Uganda Water and Sanitation $344,062
This is a rather unique ongoing collaboration between 11 or 12 D5040 clubs, each contributing from $500 to $3,000, with this project led by RC Whistler in collaboration with the RC Muyenga.
The project now completed has provided 4 x10,000 water storage tanks, pumps and pit latrines, as well as educational support for the villages schools. The objective has been to make of Kabira a demonstration of sustainable village development. One final project is envisaged for the coming year.
4. GG 1634003 Liangshan Water Project, Sichuan PR China
Lead clubs: Richmond Sunset and RC Shanghai   Cost:$42,803
This project will provide an ongoing supply of clean water for Kahemo, a remote village and its school where villagers have been obliged to walk 2 kms to obtain water. It has been done in consultation with the villagers, two local NGOs and local authorities. It will provide a water supply system, with storage tanks, a water tower and piping to the village and school.
5. Water for Hosanna Children’s Home
GG 1638094 Lead Clubs RCs Squamish and RC Nairobi Industrial Area Cost:$50,000
This project which is underway will provide a bore hole and solar system, with a 10,000 litre. raised water tank, plus the supply of cookers for the Home’s kitchen for the Hosanna Children’s Home located in Ngobi Village, Kenya.