District 5040
Leaders Leading Leaders
(and if you are wondering who the leaders are, “the leaders are you!”)
You are invited to a series of
Facilitated Rotary Learning Conversations
“How do we engage our members in a conversation towards a deeper understanding of one another, improve membership engagement and growth while expanding our innate leadership skills in a volunteer setting?”
The answer is, ASK THEM HOW!
There are 3 topic sessions being offered in November, December and January. A further 3 topics will be offered in the spring.
There are 2 opportunities to attend each session. Select the day that works best for you.
If you want to learn more about the events, CLICK HERE to download a Word document for an overview of each session.
The Sessions are for all Rotarians in the District, whether you are new to Rotary or an experienced Rotarian
Group A:
Leaders Leading Leaders
Facilitated by 2023-24 District Learning Facilitator Peter Clarke – Past RLI facilitator, in his 4th Year as a PNWPET’S facilitator. The funny-looking guy in the photo.
  1. A1a – Thursday November 23 at 7 PM    Registration Link A1a Thursday Nov 23 7 PM
  2. A1b - Saturday November 25 at 10 AM   Registration Link A1b Saturday, Nov 25 10 AM
Inclusion in Leadership
Facilitated by Ardath Paxton-Mann, District 5040 Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and Peace Chair with decades of provincial and federal experience in inclusion, specifically with first nations.   And she wears wild RED glasses.
  1. A2a – Thursday December 7 at 7PM      Registration Link A2a Thursday Dec 7  7 PM
  2. A2b - Saturday December 9 at 9AM       Registration Link A2b Saturday Dec 9   9 AM
Intergenerational leadership
Facilitated by AG Marni Fraser – 3rd Generation Rotarian, Past RLI facilitator, PETS Facilitator whose Master’s thesis topic is “Rotary: Fostering a Reliable Membership Pipeline for a Sustainable Organization.”
  1. A3a – Thursday January 11 at 7PM        Registration Link Thursday Jan 11 7 PM
  2. A3b – Saturday January 13 at 10AM      Registration Link Saturday Jan 13  10 AM
We look forward to seeing you there.