Posted on Jul 14, 2023
When water comes instantly from the turn of a tap -- hot or cold -- little attention is given to the 1 billion+ people who are not so well served.  We've all seen photos of women half way around the world carrying 40-pound buckets of water on their heads. We likely dismiss our discomfort over their discomfort with thoughts and comments such as, "It's part of their culture and a woman's traditional role." As if they had a choice!
A woman's journey into this 'traditional role' begins with young girls who dream of a more empowering future. Here's a story.  
Now, for the first time ever, a 9-nine-year-old girl is telling her story as she sees another pathway in this flip book.
Author Iris Canham, and illustrator Anurag Singh, have created a masterful piece of artwork with a transformative message!
This book is an extension of the highly successful Hippo Rollers program supported by many Rotary clubs and other organizations, led by Rotary Club of Gibsons. 
To support the Hippo Roller program, please contact Luke Vorstermans:
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