Posted on Mar 06, 2024
Canada’s ambassador to Japan, who started life in Kamloops and Penticton, began his career journey as a Rotary exchange student. Ian McKay’s career path has run like a superhighway through some of the world’s most important cities: New York, London, Tokyo. It has led him to the highest reaches of finance, politics, and global diplomacy, culminating in his current role as Canada’s ambassador to Japan.
When asked the secret of his success, McKay credits his foresight in learning Japanese, his keen interest in finance, and his understanding that high-level negotiations often work best away from boardrooms and summits. But the underlying answer is simpler. “It all started with Rotary,” he says — and later adds: “I can’t overstate that the critical part of that whole journey was Rotary." -- photo: Ambassador McKay with Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in September 2023 at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in Indonesia.

It was an evening in late August, and McKay, seated in the study of his official residence in Tokyo, was musing on how profoundly Rotary had shaped him — and the sequence of events that, more than two years ago, led Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to select him to serve as ambassador.  Read More...