Posted by Peter Roaf on Mar 20, 2018
The fire department in 100 Mile House plans to purchase some needed equipment, such as portable water pumps, through a share of funds which Rotary District 5040 has donated to the Rotary Club there. The District’s Wildfire Relief Fund, launched during the devastating wildfire season last year through the Rotary Club of Squamish Foundation, eventually raised $68,000. The Fund was divided among four clubs in communities hardest hit by the fires. Clubs in our District and individuals donated to the relief fund, but some support came from Ft. McMurray, Alberta and Ontario.
Some of the funds from the Wildfire Relief Fund will
be applied to training local firefighters
District 5040 Governor Don Evans, right, presents a
cheque to Williams Lake Rotary Club President
Ashlee Hyde, left, with wildfire project
co-ordinator Guenter Weckerle
Don Evans presents a cheque to Williams Lake
Daybreak Rotary Club President Ingolf Sandberg
for upgrades to the regional amateur radio network
Amateur radio operators provide important support
with communications during forest fires and other
Portable water pumps are among the equipment
needs to be supplied to one of the local fire
Past President of the Rotary Club of 100 Mile House
receives a cheque from Don Evans
District Governor Don Evans was on hand, with Deb Sankey, to present in person $$16,741 to each of the four clubs of Quesnel, Williams Lake Daybreak, Williams Lake and 100 Mile House over the past week.
The Cariboo Chilcotin Amateur Radio Society plans to upgrade the VHF radio repeater network from Anahim Lake to Williams Lake with funds through the Rotary Club of Williams Lake Daybreak. That amateur radio network is important for getting the word out not only when wildfires threaten, but when other emergencies arise.
Another use of the funds will be training the volunteer firefighters so they can become certified to take action in a forest fire rather than stand by in a support role.
Evans said the funds were being applied mainly to future prevention which can make a difference under similar circumstances when they arise again. Many people lost their homes and businesses to the fires, never to return, but this Fund has led to positive development arising from so much destruction, thanks to our generous Rotarians.