Posted on Sep 12, 2022
When the pandemic came to Squamish in March 2020, the local food bank could no longer have residents visit the facility in person due to COVID protocols, and had to transition to home delivery of food hampers. Rotary Club of Squamish contacted the food bank and volunteered to help. In April 2020, Rotarians began delivering hampers in the community every Tuesday and Friday. They continue long after the pandemic food bank "emergency".
Other organizations delivered on the other days of the week. This continued until September 2020, when the food bank re-opened as “the Market” at the new Under One Roof facility in downtown Squamish, and residents could again visit in person. However, some people were unable to visit in person.
Volunteers from the Rotary Club of Squamish continue to deliver hampers every Friday with the number of hampers usually numbering about 10 to 15 per week to residents who may be housebound, immobile, or have no transportation.