June 25th turned into a beautiful Whistler day as DGE Lyn Stroshin was inducted as the 2016/17 Governor of District 5040 by RI Director Dean Rohrs. Over 70 Rotarians, family and friends gathered from far and wide to participate in the celebration hosted by the Rotary Club of Whistler Millennium and lead by PDG Gordon Daglish. Click here to view the photos on facebook.
Don Evans was pinned as DGE and Darcy Long as DGN. DG John Anderson presented the traditional gag gift to help the DG along in her year. Messages and flowers of congratulations were sent to Lyn, even flowers from Neil McDonald in Croatia. The celebrations where kicked off with a huge cake to in honour of the Rotary Foundation Centennial and the birthday of Director Dean.
In keeping with the theme of family embracing the generations, there were grandchildren of Rotarians, Rotoractors and Lyn's children were the official chefs of the day, cooking up fresh steelhead, rice and salads. Racketeers, a local duo, played to everyone's delight and the party carried on after the official festivities, with guests staying until 11:30pm after a ride on the party barge on the lake and enjoying the outside fire pit.